E-Learning Challenge: Tooltips, Hyperlinks, and Explorable Explanations in E-Learning Design

Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes site has challenged Instructional Designers to share their ideas for using tooltips, hyperlinks, and explorable explanations in E-Learning.  This is my contribution:

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A while back I developed a new hire orientation course that included important information each new employee would need to understand about their new company, including what was expected of them.  I used tooltips in two different ways within the course.

  1. I created a visual, or graphic, menu with hyperlinks to sections of company information.  My goal was to make the course immediately more appealing and engaging than a simple menu list.  I placed tooltips on images in the menu with a brief explanation of what would be found in that section.
  2. On a list of “value practices” I used tooltips to show the details of each value listed.

Please comment and let me know what you think about this example or what might make it even better!