PowerPoint for Self-Paced E-Learning

A few years ago a client asked that I teach them how to create their own self-paced E-Learning. They didn’t have the resources to purchase any rapid E-Learning development tools, such as Captivate or Articulate (my favorite), and they didn’t have much time before they needed to roll out multiple trainings.  As part of my Train the Trainer course, I built this PowerPoint presentation to show them how quickly and easily a self-paced course can be created, as well as some best practices for design.

Be sure to view this presentation as a slide show to experience the hyperlinked interaction:

Sharing Ideas

All PowerPoint presentations are “self-paced” but I’ve added hyperlinked buttons to navigate, as well as hyperlinked tabs on some slides. This gives the learner the ability to move around as they choose.

E-learning is best when it involves decision making.  So you can take it a step further and add a decision tree that requires the learner to make a decision.  Correct or incorrect slides display based on their decision and explain the outcome.

Here’s how to do it!

  1. Create or find an engaging template (I got mine from Tom Kuhlman, E-Learning guru at Articulate, feel free to copy it!)
  2. Plan and add your content, don’t overload your slides with content
  3. Add meaningful images
  4. Insert shapes and add text for hyperlinked buttons to use as navigation
  5. Link buttons to the appropriate slides
  6. On the Slide Show tab, set up slide show to be “browsed at a kiosk” (this will disable advancing by any way other than your hyperlinks)

Using an eye catching template, some meaningful images and hyperlinks in your presentation can make your content much more engaging and ensure your learners are better able to learn.  I’ve also used this approach to create a self-paced on-boarding presentation for new employees with important policy information. It’s much more engaging than reading through an employee handbook!

Happy communicating!

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