Prezi for Creative Presentations

Prezi logoHave you heard of Prezi?  It’s an online presentation tool that opens up new and exciting possibilities for your communication!  Where PowerPoint uses slides and a generally linear approach to presentations, Prezi uses frames and zooming to provide all kinds of freedom and creativity for telling your story.  And you can use it for free!  It’s cloud-based, which means that what you create is saved on their site and can be viewed by anyone.  You can purchase a version that is downloaded to your computer and keep your presentations private.

If you like mind mapping – you’re going to love Prezi.  It builds on a canvas, which can be a graphic or an image.  Add images, text and frames to tell your story.  You decide how you want it to navigate the canvas and select ways to zoom in to see the various parts of your presentation.  You can even include YouTube videos and audio.  You should know that Prezi has its limitations.  For instance, you can’t associate a hyperlink with an image or add a wide variety of media.  However, you can import an existing PowerPoint presentation and use Prezi’s features to make it more interesting.

I’ve used Prezi to make a creative resume that communicates my creativity in a way that a Word resume can never do.  Check it out!

Sherrie French creative resume

This marketing video is a wonderful example of what else you can do with Prezi:

You can find a lot more examples and how-to’s at  Check it out for yourself – I think you’ll be intrigued and motivated to find a use for Prezi in your world!

Happy Communicating!

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