Below are examples of my work.  All projects listed were designed, developed and managed by me, with team support to provide content when needed.  You can view my references here, as well as view my interactive, creative resume here.

E-Learning Examples

Coaching Training Module

(view module – no audio; use the menu to skip through the course)

This module was developed to support managers during implementation of a training program called The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace.  Developed with Articulate Storyline 1 in 2015.

Communicating with Different Personality Styles

(view module – includes audio, my voice; use the menu to skip through the course)

This module was developed to introduce the basics of communicating with people based on their personality style and preferences.  Developed in 2016 with Articulate Storyline 2.

Insurance 101

(view module – no audio; use the menu to skip through the course)

This is an introductory module that was developed for new hires who may have software experience, but not the insurance experience needed to work for the insurance software company.  Developed with Articulate Storyline 1 in 2013.

Design Guidelines

(view module – no audio)

This module was developed as a guide to help subject matter experts develop training materials using PowerPoint.  Developed in 2007 with PowerPoint.

Websites and Help Systems


(view image – not interactive)

This help system was developed to support users of a large and complex enterprise system for case management in the vocational rehabilitation industry.  The help was context sensitive and searchable both in topics and specs for multi-level users.  Developed in 2010 with Madcap Flare.


(view image – not interactive)

This website was designed to provide clients with custom content based on their version of the software installed and individual customizations.  Developed in 2011 with Expression Web and XML.

The Keeper

(view image – not interactive)

This Intranet was designed to provide staff with various levels of corporate communication, from Human Resources guidelines and benefits to department project updates and celebrations.  Developed in 2010 with Expression Web.

Technical Writing & Marketing

Automated Performance Testing – Data Sheet

(view document)

This data sheet was written to present existing clients with a new tool to better test implementations of new versions of the company’s software.  It was intended as a simplified explanation of a technical process for less technical decision-makers.  Developed in 2012 with Microsoft Word.

New Product Mailer

(view front) (view back)

This mailer was designed like a birthday card to celebrate the product’s one year anniversary and inform potential clients that their counterparts were adopting the product.  Developed in 2011 with Adobe Illustrator.

Product Brochure

(view document)

This brochure introduces a complex enterprise system from a very high level.  Developed in 2010 with Adobe Illustrator.